Sniper Shooting Day

We will take you on a 2 hour road trip to the rural south of Serbia, where you will finds Serbians premier military long distance shooting range. Our qualified ex-military instructor will teach you all aspects of sniper warfare. You will shoot the impressive Zastava M-76, this rifle is popular with the Eastern European military. You will also shoot the 308 Winchester, probably the most popular sniper used by military marksman all over the world today.


Airsoft is so much more than grown-ups dressing up as soldiers and shooting each other with replica weapons that fire 6mm BB’s, it’s an opportunity to have some real ‘hands on’ experience at war gaming. Can be played in all weather conditions in a vast wooded area with simulated village on site. Your instructors are ex Serbian Special Forces, you can play out different scenarios, such as Hostage release and VIP protection.