Anyone who is visiting Belgrade, as well as those living there, shouldn’t allow themselves to leave it without delving into its historical secretes. Now you can join one of the regular Segway tours and set off on a journey through Belgrade’s history and attractions under the guidance of a professional guide.

In the last decades, tourists from around the world have begun to discover what the people of Belgrade have known for a long time, which is that Belgrade is an undiscovered treasure of the region where anyone can find something for themselves. Amazing nightlife, wild parties in one of the city’s trademark raft-restaurants, or clubs, numerous activities, rich cultural and social life but also the genuine kindness and hospitality of Belgrade’s citizens are a true revelation for tourists.

What is less known, however, is that all these wonderful qualities of Belgrade are just the beginning! On your way to the nearest club, theatre, raft-restaurant, you can unknowingly be walking above forgotten catacombs, hidden monuments, maybe wash your face at a drinking fountain that started uprisings, shook the region from its core and impacted the course of history.

As of recently, our fellow citizens and our guests from abroad can partake in a new and interesting way of hearing these stories and touring these places without much effort, strenuous walking, without the cramped tour busses.

Segway vehicles allow you to effortlessly, in a way that is safe for participants, pedestrians and eco-friendly travel our carefully-planned routs and learn something you never knew while creating a treasured memory.

Amon other attractions, Segway tours visit famous historical and cultural treasures of this fair city, such as the Nebojsa tower, Kalemegdan fort and park, monuments of gratitude to France and to the Victor, Congregation church, Knez Mihailova street, the famous tennis courts of Novak Djokovic and many other surprising and interesting locations we won’t reveal yet.


  • Duration: between 90 and 170 minutes

  • Starting point: 13 Karadjordjeva st. (across Belgrade Pier)

  • Suitable for: adults and children

Users testimonials

  • Belgrade is a untouched gem of a city, we had an absolutely incredible bachelor party, Paul from Belgrade Stag Weekends did everything he said he would, plus loads more, cannot praise them enough, thank you…………brilliant!!!

    Chris Surrey
  • Wanted to travel somewhere where my money would last, drinks would flow and party never ends! I found Belgrade, and the hottest spots were expertly led by Paul and Ana! I definitively recommend and look forward to visiting again! Cheers!

  • We had a great time, really top stag party venue, great people, and really friendly, amazing women at every turn, great clubbing and great organization from BSW, loved the big gun shooting, everything was A1. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for a bit more of an upmarket stag party. All the fun, none of the hassle and not another stag do in sight.

    Bertie Sussex
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